Summer is here

Summer started off to a slow start windsurfing wise this year but has turned out to be absolutely phenomenal. I remember not getting out for a month other summers…not this year! I think I’ve probably been averaging 2-3 sessions a week, which is almost like the windy fall season. In the last week I actually got 4 sessions in. Two at Sherkston and two at my cottage. Wow! Two links below from the recent sherkston sessions.

Yesterday’s session turned out to be great – warm – windy and wavy. My dad and I showed up around 12:30 and left around 4:30. It was really an awesome time and a lot of people out. I guess a lot of the guys stayed longer and the conditions got even better, wow! Yesterday my main focus was working on the wave riding and getting more consistency/control/height with the jumps. I also tried to be a little more careful due to the brutal crash I had last week. Definitely had a concussion and wasn’t feeling very good for a few days. I may upload the crash on youtube, it is not pretty! It hurts just to watch it unfold again knowing what’s going to happen.

Got some decent footage in the most recent vid and a good crash by cliff.

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Winter Hibernation

This was a super long winter and the season has finally started. I’ve been MIA in updating this blog with the combination of messing up my ribs mid October and the crazy long winter we had.

So far I’ve managed to score 4 sessions this year. 3 being gusty light wind conditions at LS and one pretty decent session at Port Dalhousie. The PD session was my first real powered session at this spot and it was pretty decent for freeriding and the occasional little jump. I also like the fact on a NE it’s starboard tack and I’m absolutely brutal sailing Port. One of my goals this year is to learn how to jump port tack, which at the moment is not pretty. So keep an eye open when I’m out there for sloppy port tack jumps!!

We will be heading to Hatteras tomorrow for a week with JF and Marty.. Can’t wait, should be an awesome time and we have a few toys waiting for us down there! I bought a 2014 93 Tabou Pocket Wave which should compliment my quiver very well. My dad also has a whole new sail quiver waiting for him down there!

A few of us have been talking about doing a Punta San Carlos trip in 2016, so I threw together a few clips from my trip that are pretty raw and unedited. Most of the time I’m eating it hard, hahah! A few good clips in here of Levi Siver and Kevin Pritchard.

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Forward Loop

Last Friday driving to the beach I had one thing on my mind…the forward loop. I spent the entire 4 hour session just focusing on learning the forward loop and I can say that I now know how to do forwards. It took a lot of attempts and bruises on my ass and legs to get, but I finally got it! Yesterday I got out again and landed a few dry and one fully planning which was an amazing sensation. I still find if I don’t really throw that front arm hard enough or lean to down wind it turns into a cheese roll. Below is a short vid of one of my forwards from yesterdays session at Sherkston.

Lake Erie has offered plenty of wind this past week and it looks like more to come! We are in peak season right now, hopefully the wind stays up and temps stay warm!! See you guys out on the water.

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Simply Amazing- Sherkston Session

Incredible marathon session at Sherkston yesterday. Arrived around 1ish and left around 7 I think. Figured I got about 5 hours on the water…definitely a little sore today!

What can I say about the session…It was just awesome with perfect conditions. Sailed 4.5 80L trifin Pocket all day. Waves got better and better as the day went on. Got my best rides I’ve ever had a Sherkston with lots of turns on some of the nice waves. Waves were about head high on the average ones to definitely logo high on the big sets. A lot of guys out today. Saw some pretty sweet stuff out there today. Adam was throwing some crazy advanced freestyle moves and cliff was going for forwards and a saw one sweet push loop. Cliff was going for a back loop and the tip of his mast got stuck in the water. Hahaha! It was so funny, it literally put the breaks on the rotation mid air while he was upside down. Wish I had my gopro on for that one.

I went for a few forwards, but they ended up being full on cheese rolls. My sister got a vid of cliff throwing a forward and shortly after me doing a cheeseroll. Really helped seeing that vid…Now I can see I’m not throwing that front arm forward (instead I’m bending it and sheeting in which is causing me to cheeseroll). Check out the vid below..Also my sister took a bunch of pics, check some of them out below…Thanks Laura!

Potential wind this weekend and next week. Windy season is just starting!

sherkston 043 (2)

sherkston 052 (2)

sherkston 113 (2)

sherkston 192 (2)

sherkston 243 (2)

sherkston 259 (2)

sherkston 260 (2)

sherkston 271

sherkston 295 (2)

sherkston 306

sherkston 355 (2)

sherkston 376 (2)

sherkston 384 (2)

sherkston 390 (2)

sherkston 392 (2)

sherkston 393

sherkston 401 (2)

sherkston 435 (2)

sherkston 452 (2)

sherkston 456 (2)

sherkston 475 (2)

sherkston 482 (2)

sherkston 497 (2)

sherkston 498 (2)

sherkston 500 (2)

sherkston 533 (2)

sherkston 572 (2)

sherkston 583 (2)

sherkston 593 (2)

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Cottage & Sherkston

Last week the whole family went up to the cottage on the Wednesday and returned the Monday. We brought the windsurfing trailer hoping that there would be some decent days to get some sailing in. We ended up getting two solid sessions in that lasted about 2 hours each. Both sessions I was fully powered and overpowered a lot of the time on my 5.4 and 106L. The 5.4 is now my biggest sail (just recently sold the 6.2)
cottagelaura 353
cottagelaura 364
cottagelaura 375
cottagelaura 214
cottagelaura 227
cottagelaura 246
cottagelaura 247
cottagelaura 248
cottagelaura 249
cottagelaura 250
cottagelaura 274
cottagelaura 276
cottagelaura 279
cottagelaura 299
cottagelaura 309
cottagelaura 324
cottagelaura 328
cottagelaura 333
cottagelaura 334
cottagelaura 346

Windsurfing at the cottage is pretty flat, which creates good conditions to practice jibing and tacking. Waves rarely line up and get big enough for jumping. It was fun getting out there and really focusing on improving the technique on the jibes and tacks.

My dad and I saw the forecast looking real good back home on Erie for the Monday. So we decided to drive home one day early in time to get some good conditions at Sherkston. When we got there the wind had just picked up and went out on the 5.4 and 106L which was a perfect combo for the conditions. Unfortunately the storm came through which cut our session a little short. I figure we got about an hour out on the water. Tried a few forwards again today, but they turned into more of the cheese roll body/head slams into the water. Going to do my best to try and get the forward by the end of the year.

Traffic was a little congested today on the water and the beach…A lot of kites.

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Baja Vid

Here is the Baja vid. 3 parts, 3 songs. Vids and pics at the end. Check it out!!

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Baja – Solosports: Punta San Carlos

baja1 704
Got back from my first Baja trip on Sunday night. I say first because I will definitely be going back!! It’s a pretty incredible place and is really like nothing I’ve ever done before. As the owner Kevin Trejo would say, “you just don’t know until you go”. It was an awesome experience from the very beginning taking a little plane in and landing in the middle of nowhere in the desert surrounded by mountains and waves.

The first day we arrived (Saturday) around 4ish and pretty much got out on the water right after doing the quick tour around. Solosports has an amazing set up that really couldn’t be any better. They have awesome Goya and Ezzy sails rigged hanging up ready to go (boom just required). Then tons of Goya, Quatro, RRD and some Starboard boards to choose from. There’s a lot of gear and I never had a problem finding the combo I wanted.
baja1 695
baja1 694

Sunday was when the official Matt Pritchard and Kevin McGillivray camp began. Every day class started at 10:00am and usually ran at least two hours. Class was typically a combination of instruction of technique on the simulator and video analysis. Matt and Kev would video tape our wave sailing all afternoon for video analysis the next day. Watching video of yourself can be quite painful to see and you learn very quickly what your doing wrong this way. For the most part it was not pretty, but it definitely helped changing bad habits. It really helped having Matt and Kevin identify what you were doing wrong and how to fix the problem. At the end of the day Matt and Kev would come out with us and sail into the evening and man, can these guys rip! They really kill it out there. I was so impressed with the overall quality of instruction these two offer. They definitely offer the best instruction out there!

After a couple of days I really got my routine dialed in. Usually the day would start around 6-7 am, followed by a quick little breakfast, then a mountain bike session. The mountain biking is awesome! Top of line mountain bikes and so many trails with incredible views. After mountain biking I’d have second breakfast and then get ready for class at 10am. Usually around noon I’d get out for a 2 hour session, then have lunch. After lunch I’d get out again at some point in the afternoon. Meals were really done well and were always awesome. Evenings were awesome enjoying meals and Baja Fogs with the crew.
Baja 353

For the most part the conditions are very predictable at Punta San Carlos. Days usually start off warm and calm with no wind. The wind would usually pick up late morning and remain constant throughout the afternoon and sometimes building around 530ish. It was side off wind every day which is perfect conditions for learning to wave sail. After spending two weeks in Baja, I’ve definitely made some major improvements, but wavesailing is something that takes years to dial in and perfect like everything else in windsurfing. I now know what it is I’ve been doing wrong and what I have to continue to work on to get to the level I want to be at in the waves.

The second week I was there all the pro’s and amateurs showed up for the American Windsurfing Tour Event. Wow! Was it ever cool to see some of my biggest idols walk up to camp and just rip it apart out there. They are so good and it’s just incredible to see the stuff these guys do on the water. They really make everything flow on the wave, making it look so easy. The speed and how vertical they can get on the wave is amazing. Man, I’d love to be able to ride like these guys! It was really cool sailing with these guys and seeing them up close in action on the water.

I took a lot of pictures and video so I will try and post a vid shortly.

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LaSalle July 7th

Got to LS around 12:30 or 1ish with my dad. Saw Denny, John, Dirk, JF and Bob. It was a gorgeous day and ended up getting in a pretty decent session. Wind was SW, so the usual gusty conditions. A lot of fun just getting out in the warm water not having to wear all the thick rubber. Felt a little off that day with the jibe and port tack jumping I sail like a goon. Started to work on tacks yesterday…this is something i’d like to perfect. Tried about 15 and only nailed 1…need some more practice.

Wednesday looks like there might be some wind. Going to try and get out to either Long Beach or Sherkston.

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May 31st to June 2nd

Got out last Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Friday was pretty light at LS, but Saturday actually turned out pretty good. Had a lot of fun just ripping back and forth working on jibing. Sunday got out to Sherkston and it really felt like summer! A lot of guys came out to enjoy the strong winds, warm sunny day and finally warmer water temps. I’m sick of wearing all that neoprene. I wore a 2mm shorty and was warm the entire time. For me, just not wearing booties made a huge difference. I feel like I have so much more control, feel and speed with the footwork on the board. Got a solid 2 hours in at least. Wind kept going up and down so I was switching between 5.4 106 L and 4.5 80L. Got some good rides in but kinda had a hard time getting the feel down after having to switch gear every 30-40 minutes. On one of my outside jibes I somehow fell with my back leg in the water in a way that hit the fin of the board. Ouch. Went to touch my leg immediately after and my finger felt like it literally went into my leg. Quickly took a look at it and there was a huge gash that almost resembled a shark bite. Pretty bad.. It felt like a normal little ding you can get sometimes if you kick the fin, but it must have been so sharp it just cut through me like butter. Kinda scary how sharp some of the fins are. Once I booked it back to shore I went to the hospital and got it stapled up. Ended up being 16 staples. Should be back on the water in a couple weeks.



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This is Freakin Awesome

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